OSG Australia calls for UNHCR immediate action to Save the life of Oromo refugees in Yemen


(OSGA, 15 January 2018) Oromia Support Group Australia (OSGA) call to prompt action on a very urgent case  involving 38 Oromo refugees and 10 Somalis detained in West Yemen at Sa’ada town.

According to OSGA report most  of these genuine Oromo refugees are holders of the UNHCR eligibility status. However, 38 Oromo refugees who are in  prison for more than one year are incarcerated from accessing the UNHCR  support and protection and detained under harsh condition.

“During this time only the Red Cross visited them once in the detention,”said OSGA.

Oromia Support Group Australia intensely concern for their physical and mental wellbeing of these refugees. “These genuine Oromo refugees are forced to flee persecution and desperately search for safety and protection from violence and oppression,”1

The Oromo refugees have fled Ethiopia to escape harassment, detention, torture and  extrajudicial killings. The Oromo constitute the single largest national group in Ethiopia, but  they are denied the fundamental democratic rights and marginalised economically, socially  and politically.

The Ethiopia government continues to harassment, kidnapping, imprison and kill Oromo and others by suspicious of political background. As a result, thousands of Oromos are forced to leave their country and families to escape the danger and seek protection around the world including Yemen 2. The repression against the Oromo is documented by several human rights organisations3.

Therefore, Oromia Support Group Australia demands your urgent action to take an immediate step and to show your kind support for intervention to release these refugees and provide them proper protection.

Regarding this critical matter, Oromia Support Group Australia appealing for your immediate response to uphold the Oromo refugees’ security in Yemen and looking forward to your kind-hearted immediate action to save them and are not facing any inhuman treatment. Please provide your protection show your action instantly to save these very vulnerable innocent Oromo refugees’ life.

For PDF format of the urgent call, please see the link:  OSG Australia Call for Urgent Action – Oromo Refugees in Yemen – 13 January 2018

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2. The migrants taking on a warzone – Ethiopians head into Yemen while refugees flee the other way UNHCR/J.Björgvinsson – By Rachel Savage and Mohammed Ali Kalfood – OBOCK/RABOO MATWALA, 10  May 2016
3. https://www.hrw.org/news/2016/06/22/un-human-rights-council-item-4-general-debate

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