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Oromia Support Group Australia (OSGA), a branch of Oromia Support Group, raises awareness of the human rights issues affecting the Oromo and other oppressed peoples in Oromia, Ethiopia.

The organisation advocates against abuses and violations based on the United Nations International Law of Human Rights; supports displaced people and refugees from Ethiopia; and runs cultural events. One of OSGA’s most important and ongoing projects is to collect and publicise human rights abuses by recording people’s stories.


Our Vision is to see peace and stability in the Horn of Africa


OSGA works for the human rights of the Oromo nation and other oppressed peoples in Ethiopia. We do this through awareness raising, advocacy, and campaigning in Australia and as part of international networks.


  • To publicise the human rights abuses in Ethiopia, hardships suffered by the Oromo and other oppressed people in Ethiopia, and to campaign for freedom from such abuses;
  • To provide support and advocacy for refugees, Oromo and other Horn of Africans displaced as the result of war, conflict and instability;
  • Lobbying the mass media on behalf of the oppressed people in Ethiopia
  • To engage Oromos to become active in human rights issues of self and others;
  • To actively seek and establish alliances and cohesion with all discriminated people in Ethiopia and Africa on common goods and purposes.
  • To collaborate with all Oromo groups on human rights issues
  • To actively seek and establish networks within the international community and like minded NGOs, for support and solidarity on human rights issues.
  • To conduct seminars, conferences and information sessions to advance the organisational goals


  • Raise awareness in Australia
  • Building strong networks
  • Government lobbying
  • Build a strong and sustainable organization
  • Researching Human Rights Issues

Strategic Priorities:

The group’s current priorities include:

  • ongoing advocacy for the human rights protection of those oppressed in Ethiopia through public awareness activities and political lobbying in Australia
  • ongoing support to displaced people and refugees from Oromia and the Horn of Africa
  • continual development of alliances and networks in Australia with discriminated people from Ethiopia, other Oromo groups and likeminded NGOs

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